Tall studios (2011-2022)

Graphic library artwork.


Shoot em up kit


Personal Film - DEADMANS TRADE (2015)

Personal film project. Set in the past, a Old man makes a deal with death for more life.
His trade? His grand daughter.

The film took 5 years to make on and off while working at other companies.
Modelled, Animated and rendered in 3ds max.


Yippee entertainment (2011 to 2020) [ Freelance ]

Designed made and animated character models. Designed backgrounds for POP.


Chimpact rally (2019)
Jetpack Disco mouse (2016)
Chimpact run (2016)
PAW WARS (concept) (2015)
Chimpact squash (2015)
Chimpact POP! (2015)
Concept project trailer (2014)
Amazing world of the gumball Rainbow Ruckus (2014)
Chimpact 2 (2014)
Chimpact (2011)


Silverline arts (2010-present)

Designing, animation and sprite pages. Side game project


Space inversion 2 (2011)
Retro dust. (2011)
Puzzle bot blast (2011)
Space inversion (2010)


Monumental (2010-2012)

Character models Built rider models, Brolly girls and other characters


Moto GP 09/10 (2010)
Moto GP 10/11 (2011)


Sword fish studio (2008-2010)

Character models.


50 cent blood on the sand (2008)


Silver back studio / Acclaim entertainment (2003-2006)

Character models, Lods, export, cut scene animation, directing and render farm managment.
Silverback continued the Made Man project from Acclaim.


Made man (2005)


Creative Asylum (2001)

Modelled and animated character models.
Created additional levels and cut scene videos


Pac man Adventures in time (2000)
Battle bots (2003) (cancelled)
Rally extreme (199)



3ds MAX
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After effects
Adobe Flash
Adobe Auditions
Adobe Dream weaver
Deluxe Paint 4