My little Hidiouly deformed pony (personal project - 2006)

Alternative designs of Hasbros favourite Girls toys. Modelled in 3ds max.

My little pony - Inferno

Inferno likes protecting her grass patch from the farm animals with heavy unnecessary force! With her 5000 rpm rotating drill horn, twin mini-guns and two missile launchers supporting 8 heat seeking missiles on both sides! She'll soon get back at those "other" ponies and their stupid accessories.
My little pony - Sugar Cube

Having got hooked on sugar. Sugar Cube spends her time selling her body to the "big horses" in order to pay for more of the "white stuff". Includes diamond jewel choker, two sugar cubes to ease her pain and a set of handcuffs.
My little pony - Ponimus Prime

Having been mocked by both sides of the transformer conflict for her transformation choice, ponimus prime decided to join the land of "my little pony", only to find the land more conflicted than Cybertron!?
My little pony - Jelly Brain

In a vain attempt to generate the the 'perfect' pony by a group of mad scientists. Jelly brain was their first wasted creation. Having been made with no bone or digestive organs, her only primary organs are a liquid nervous system and a brain made of jelly.
My little pony - Ame aka (Red rain)

Translates as "Red rain" in japanese. Ame aka is a Highly trained ruthless ninja assassin pony. Willing to go to any distance to prod someone with a plastic sword. Includes two shurikens a set of ninja katanas and knee pads.

My little pony - Pufffy green eyes

After being worked to death on the farm by a mean old farmer, the mean old farmer decided to hire a Necromancer to resurrect her and make her worm ridden zombie corpse to stay working on the farm. What a fiend! Includes a can and a hair brush to comb out those worms. Be careful she doesn't bite you, she has the munches for brains!. ......Mmmm Brains. ......Brains ....Urgh!......BRAINS!!!